The Vent Newsletter
Issue #1 Oct 2018

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As we transition into the cool, crisp, autumn weather, those of us in the hearth industry know the busy season starts now! This is the time of year when homeowners flock to the hearth retail stores to see what they can do to provide alternative heat or explore options that will create a special look for their home that only a fireplace or stove can provide. That’s why the fall season can be the make or break for our business.

Although pellet sales can be a rollercoaster ride with the last three years trending down, we are currently seeing a substantial upswing. Early sales of pellet vent show double-digit increases and OEM appliance sales are following, although not quite as high. We do not expect a crazy year for pellet vent, but DuraVent and Security Chimneys are gearing up to supply an increased amount of product this fall.

We are seeing strong sales of the Direct Vent product family due to several factors; reasonably low natural gas prices, strong new home construction, and additional OEM appliance listings for DuraVent Direct Vent.

Good Luck on your 2018 heating season. We are all looking forward to cooler weather!


Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Industry Focus:
DuraVent + Montigo

With Montigo’s long history as a world-class fireplace design and manufacturer, we are proud to have our DuraVent Direct Vent approved for use with their direct-vent gas fireplaces. Besides Montigo’s own vent pipe, DuraVent's direct-vent system  is now listed on their appliances. This approval gives Montigo dealers, who sell other appliances that use DuraVent DirectVent, the ability to only stock one style of pipe rather than two. Our commitment to innovation and excellence pairs perfectly with Montigo’s values and we look forward to more successful years ahead together. To learn more about Montigo & DuraVent direct-vent products and installation instructions, click the link below.

Social Spotlight
DuraVent and Security Chimneys’ goal is to become the leading voice of influence in the digital space and support the cutting-edge venting products we bring to the marketplace. That’s why our marketing and communications team has launched an aggressive social media campaign with educational, historical, and humorous content across our social media platforms. With our employee spotlight posts, convention highlights, and venting and HVAC tips, we are always posting new and interesting content. With a 73% increase in reach, a 65% increase in audience engagement, and new followers every day, our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms have something for everyone. Come check out all the great content DuraVent is sharing and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

DuraVent's Improved Tee Cap
We listened, we learned, we innovated. Our new Tee Cap for PelletVent was redesigned with the longevity of our customers’ pellet stoves in mind. Our spring button design has made it easier to remove and the lower profile body makes it easier and more convenient to clean. Ash and other debris can get caught within the cap, resulting in an inefficient burn and possible damage to the stove. By making the removal and cleaning process simple, customers can enjoy their pellet stoves safely and longer this fall.


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