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Issue #2 March 2019

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              New Year, Same Commitment

2018 was a positive year for the venting business with strong new home construction, low gas prices and a healthy, but late, busy season. Many thanks to all our customers, reps and employees for making that happen. So long 2018!  Now that 2019 is underway, the question is “what have we done lately?” Our expectations for 2019 are to exceed 2018, not only in sales, but also in performance and service!

To that end, we have created a simple survey, coordinated through our Customer Service Department, with the intent of obtaining your feedback and helping us implement improvements that will help us better serve our industry.  If you receive a survey request, please take a moment to respond – you will not be inundated with email communications.

Another way we will be improving our service is to ensure that we are providing you with the products you want within the requested time-frame.  By focusing on forecasting our customers’ needs, we will be able to maintain inventories at appropriate levels and schedule our factories as efficiently as possible. Our Regional Managers will also be dedicating more time to reviewing customer inventory, sales, and regional market trends throughout the year in order to provide our plants with the best and most up-to-date information.

The success of the annual AHR Expo in Atlanta, GA provided a strong start to 2019. Although the primary focus was our commercial product line, it was great to see several of our residential HVAC customers. The most interesting development for us this year in the HVAC market was the revision to our PolyPro® locking band. Our new and improved locking system will make it easier to stock and install. We are planning our production schedule with the goal of delivering this product to market in the second quarter.  There will be no need for inventory changeouts.

We are looking forward to the HPBA hearth show in Dallas and to seeing many of you there! One of the new items we will be highlighting at the show is a new DirectVent Concentric Flex. We have a number of fireplace OEM approvals in place and are in the final engineering phase of its development.

2019 looks to be an exciting and busy year and we hope you feel the same. Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager or our Customer Service Department for any assistance and remember to give us your feedback on our new service & customer satisfaction survey.

Sincerely yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Inroducing DirectVent Concentric Flex

We strive to give customers options when it comes to our venting products. Our customers, OEMs, and installers want a venting system that maintains the quality and durability of our DirectVent® product line but has the benefits a flexible pipe provides. That’s why we are happy to announce the premier of our new DirectVent Concentric Flex system at the upcoming HPBA show in Dallas, TX. DirectVent Concentric Flex will give customers the versatility they need to save time and money on their next installation by eliminating the need for additional elbows and providing the ability to work around combustibles such as wood and dry wall. DirectVent Concentric Flex saves installation time with simple twist lock ends that connect to rigid piping in addition to having the ability of expanding to varying lengths. The new DirectVent Concentric Flex will be available to our distribution partners on or before 3Q2019 in 5’ and 10’ lengths and in 4x7 and 5x8 diameters. Look for it at your local DuraVent dealer and make sure to stop by to get a preview and see it first-hand in our booth #2537 at the HPBA show, March 14-16th!

PVC or Polypro?
Did you know PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride piping was never designed or intended to be used for venting water heaters, boilers, and warm air furnaces as it is commonly used today? The chemicals applied during the manufacturing process, and the dangers they pose to the environment, make it a poor choice when it comes to venting gas appliances. An environmentally safe and engineered alternative is DuraVent’s PolyPro® product line for condensing gas appliances. Engineered specifically for venting, it is 100% recyclable and contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials, chlorides or heavy metals. Unlike PVC, Polypro does not release hazardous gases during combustion and has been used safely throughout Europe for over twenty years. Additionally, Polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit of 230°F/110°C (PVC is 149°F/65°C max and CPVC is 194°F/90°C). PolyPro is engineered with a corrosion-free, condensation management system, making it the smarter and safer choice for venting. See more of the benefits of PolyPro over PVC in the below link and make the switch to PolyPro by DuraVent!

B-Vent is NOT Dead!
Do you need a new fireplace for your family to enjoy on a cold Winter night? How about a fireplace for your children, spouse, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, and maybe even the neighbors? THIS is your fireplace! As the uses for b-vent shrink and new ones arise, Travis’ new DeVinci Linear Fireplace stretches the size of your typical fireplace to new lengths. Thanks to our friends at Travis, they have chosen DuraVent B-vent to get the job done for this amazing fireplace.  It uses 7 stacks of 10” B-Vent and is 66ft long, 30in high and uses 957,000 BTUs. This is a fireplace for generations to warm up to! Do you have any interesting fireplace venting builds? We’d love to see them! Submit them to any of our social channels above and get a shout out from us at DuraVent!
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