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Issue #7 November 2018
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             Welcoming the New Year!

As the year winds down to a close, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the successes of the year, and to look forward to what will be happening in 2019. By nearly all accounts, 2018 has been a tremendous success for our Commercial business. We have seen strong sales growth across all of North America, particularly in Canada. Factory built grease duct is continuing to gain acceptance in the marketplace as its benefits to both the construction process and to building owners are being realized. In 2018, we added to our growing list of generator exhaust projects, particularly in data centers, where our pressure stack product provided both cost and performance benefits over traditional site-built stacks. Perhaps the most exciting measure we initiated this year was the reconfiguration of our sales organization to better align our people to the needs of our customers. In only the first month of this newly shaped team, we have seen a number of examples of improved outcomes for our partners that would have posed a challenge in the past.

We plan to keep that momentum going in 2019, and we realize that success starts with you. Early in 2019, you will see updates to VentBOM that will increase the amount of information that we gather on each project, regular reports on sales and quotes for your individual businesses, as well as increased opportunities to augment your local teams’ abilities to understand and sell venting. 2019 will be all about increasing knowledge: knowledge of our venting products, knowledge of overall systems, and knowledge surrounding sales processes at your local level. For us, knowing more about the projects you are quoting will allow us to better plan production, develop new products, and better understand what is happening in each local market.

I hope each of you have a great finish to 2018, and are looking forward to 2019 as much as we are. Before you know it, we’ll all be together in my home town of Atlanta for AHR in January.

Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales

Versatile, Efficient, Easy: DuraStack Pro

Throughout 2018, we have seen a growing number of generator exhaust projects where our DuraStack Pro product line had been able to meet the needs of various generator applications and offered efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Being a fully listed system with all components and accessories compliant with NFPA-37, DuraStack Pro offers the versatility and convenience needed to vent everything from grease duct vapors to generator exhaust. A number of accessories give DuraStack the ability to be integrated into various exhaust projects while remaining compliant to strict industry standards. The excess pressure relief valves operate to quickly relieve pressure in the event of an engine backfire. The drain tee cap or in line drain provides a drain point for precipitation while the Bellows Length compensates for thermal expansion and minimizes vibration. It is also possible to intermix your system as needed for required skin temperatures and combustible clearance, or for aesthetic appeal, our stainless-steel outer wall. It has always been our goal to provide innovative products that go beyond the norm and offer exceptional venting solutions.  The DuraStack Pro Series does just that. Click below to learn even more about our DuraStack and DuraStack Pro products!

Event Spotlight: AHR Expo 2019
To begin the new year, DuraVent Security Chimneys will again be participating in the AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, January 14th-16th. As the world’s largest HVACR convention, DuraVent will join thousands of HVACR professionals from every segment of the industry in displaying our latest products and innovations to the HVACR community. DuraVent will be showcasing our newly redesigned PolyPro locking bands and 3-in-1 black adapters, as well as our recently introduced modulation dampers. We will also be highlighting our DuraVent mobile application on interactive displays for you to experience firsthand. We are excited to share all these new products and the innovations we’ve made to our existing offerings. We hope to see you all this January and make sure to stop by our booth, B616!

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Mobile Update

There’s no denying it, our world is going digital. That’s why DuraVent went with it. As many of you know, in July of this year, we launched our first Sales Enablement mobile application. Since then, our app has continued to evolve, and we will be launching the next version in December of 2018. Each new or improved feature provides our sales teams with more of the vital information they need on-site, and in real time. The value is in the user’s ability to easily navigate the app’s interface to find the necessary information on all our commercial venting products as well as sales tips and product specifications. From there, users can request a quote within the mobile application itself. Look for even more features coming in 2019 as we migrate the app to include residential product lines, and new streamlined search and filter functions. Head to the Apple iTunes or Google Play Store to download the DuraVent Sales Enablement Mobile App now. Don’t forget to come experience it live on the big screen at our booth, B616, during the AHR conference this January in Atlanta!

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