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Issue #10 August 2019
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                Forward to the Fall!

The Summer of 2019 is quickly going by, football games are only weeks away, and kids, in many parts of the country, are heading back to school. That also means that the boiler and venting industry is running wide open!  Since the start of July, we have seen the months of hard work by our reps and designers turn into a surge in orders that are well over 2018’s numbers. Thank you! That also means that we are all extremely busy and are looking for as many tools as possible to make projects simpler to sell and simpler to install.

In this quarter’s newsletter, we are focusing on a few topics that we hope will demonstrate the versatility of our Pressure Stack Pro product, a unique application of our 3D layout drawings, as well as our next round of product installation videos.  Each of these topics can help you answer customer questions and solve problems regarding what product to use, how to install it, and what the final result will look like in the application. Each topic helps us achieve our goal of having products and solutions that are simple to sell and simple to install.

Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales
Secure Stack in Nova Scotia
Although the majority of kids may hate to see the summer slowly coming to an end, the children of Yarmouth Elementary School in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, have at least one thing to look forward to. This September, they will be starting the school year in a brand-new building and DuraVent/Security Chimneys was there to be a part of this amazing new project!  Certified for commercial chimney and diesel exhaust applications, our Secure Stack® Pro was the perfect fit for Yarmouth Elementary School’s new building and Viessmann biomass boilers. Yarmouth’s Vitoflex pellet boiler and Vitorond oil boiler are fitted with our 2-inch insulated Secure Stack Pro in order to maintain stack temperatures for a more efficient draft of flue gases. Remote locations that are void of natural gas supply benefit from biomass fuels as this fuel source is locally produced and stored and, in this case, the main heating source which uses oil as the backup heating option. Biomass fuel does not leave a carbon footprint, is developed from organic materials and is a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity or other forms of power.  We love to be a part of sustainable projects like this and wish the 300 students moving into their new building a great year! For more information on our Secure Stack Pro venting systems click below or reach out to your local DuraVent/ Security Chimneys representative or

DuraVid Series 2!
We are back at it again!  We’ve completed of our second set of installation and product videos! We are continuing efforts to help our customers install and maintain their DuraVent venting products through a medium that provides an easy to digest and hands-on experience and answers your most frequently asked product questions. Now live on our YouTube channel, our very own Product Manager, Mike Heavener, will take you on a step by step guide of the assembly of our DuraStack® and DuraStack® Pro variable lengths, adjustable lengths, and transition bands. Click the link below to view the new series NOW, and contact our customer service department at or leave a comment or message on anyone of our social channels with your questions!

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Visualize Your Next Project

Raven Hydronic Supply of Surrey, BC has a unique approach to aid in project visualization for contractors and clients.  While conducting a site visit to obtain measurements, they take photographs of the vent system’s exact location. Once back in the office, the photos are inserted into the AutoCAD© program and then copy/pasted on the 3D layout image we provide onto the photo to show the approximate vent routing.  With the ability to add notes and dimensions to the photos, this process provides a new visual aid for contractors to visualize the finished project with accurate dimensions before installation. This has proven to be very helpful to the contractors as they now have our system design and a visualization illustration showing the vent system inside or outside the building envelope.


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