The Residential Vent Newsletter
Issue #7 June 2020

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  Getting Back on Track After COVID

     All of us at DuraVent hope that you have all been safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been diligent in protecting our employees while keeping product available in the marketplace. We are very grateful that no drastic closures or employee reductions were necessary, primarily due to our customers’ continued support and their efforts to keep the economy going. Although sales did slow in March and April, May showed signs of a strong comeback! We are looking forward to the second half of 2020 and everyone getting back to a more "normal" existence.  Normal to us means contractors building new houses and homeowners renovating their homes with new furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces and stoves. From our perspective, some areas of the country will rebound faster than others. For those in the "slower to recover" areas, remember to stay safe and be patient, it will get better. Our sales staff is anxious to get out and see customers. Currently, our team is available by phone or e-mail. Starting this month, they will be traveling locally if a customer desires a face-to-face meeting. By mid-month, they will be expanding their travel to include limited air travel and overnight stays. While this is our plan, it is of course subject to local rules and guidance, and can always change as we continue to re-open the economy.  Sometime in July, we hope to see our sales force back in the market 100%. As always, our Customer Service Staff and Tech Support are here to help. We have several initiatives coming in the second half of the year that will improve our communications and product offering. You will see a new and improved website, numerous new product and market videos and the much-anticipated DirectVent Flex offering. While most of us have been working from home recently, we have continued to work hard to bring these improvements to you. Stay tuned! Again, thanks for your support and stay safe!

Sincerely yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Venting Biomass Stoves with PelletVent ® Pro
Can you fault a farmer, with a silo full of dry corn, for burning grain as a substitute for regular pellet fuel? No, we can't either! Biofuels can be a life saver in rural communities where many homeowners are otherwise reliant on costly oil or propane to heat their homes. However, what makes these appliances so appealing can also be their downfall when the wrong vent system is selected. Not all biofuels produce vent-friendly exhaust. Corn can be especially corrosive, which is why corn burning stoves should only be vented with 316L stainless steel and why DuraVent committed to creating a pellet vent that could withstand the highly corrosive condensation from burning wood pellets, corn, and other bio fuels. Today, DuraVent’s PelletVent Pro venting system is made with 316L stainless steel for all of the inner pipe with the inner wall of the double-wall, air-insulated vent, made of corrosion-resistant, super-ferritic stainless steel, and the outer wall made of galvalume. The vent system is rated for continuous use flue temperatures up to 570°F and it is UL/ULC Listed for 1-inch clearance to combustibles. In addition, PelletVent Pro's laser-welded seams produce a rounder pipe which makes for a tighter fit when one end of a pipe is inserted into another. This tight, metal-to-metal, primary seal is combined with a silicone O-ring gasket acting as a secondary seal which results in a reliable, lasting seal at each joint to prevent smoke leakage. Want to know more about the advantages of DuraVent's PelletVent Pro system? Click below to read the whole story in our newest whitepaper, "Venting Biomass Stoves: Ensuring Success In An Evolving Market."

Bringing Dormant Masonry Fireplaces Back to Life
There are many reasons a homeowner’s fireplace might be going unused and left dormant. Structural damage, lack of termination options, cost of wood, or costly maintenance are all reasons a homeowner may not be taking advantage or their home's fireplace.  However, many do in fact want to bring their living rooms back to life but are unsure of how to safely reinvigorate their hearth. A new venting solution could permit many of these masonry fireplaces to be refurbished. DuraVent now offers a horizontal vent kit for use with direct-vent gas fireplace inserts. The termination for this kit is positioned on the back of an exterior chimney just above the smoke shelf. This allows you to safely vent the fireplace through the lower portion of an existing masonry chimney. DuraVent’s new Horizontal Vent Kit for DirectVent Inserts includes two 10-foot lengths of 3-inch DuraFlex aluminum. Installation of the vent kit is remarkably straight-forward and takes no more than a few hours to complete. Our whitepaper below takes you through everything you need to know about this new innovative solution to reignite the fire in your living room!
NEW* DuraVent Hearth Product Video
DuraVent is proud to present our newest video to take you through ALL our innovative hearth solutions for your home!  Take a look at our step by step guide to all of DuraVent's innovative home hearth products, how they work, how they are designed, and what solution is right for you. Are you venting a wood burning appliance in your home? Maybe propane or natural gas? DuraVent offers home hearth solutions for all these appliances as well as your masonry chimney. Although it can be confusing deciding what venting system is right for you, our new whiteboard animation video makes not only choosing the right system simple but makes it easy to understand how your system works. Don't believe us? Click below to watch the new video now and make sure to check out our other videos on the DuraVent YouTube channel!

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