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Issue #13 June 2020
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   Moving On and Forward From COVID-19

It’s hard to imagine how much has gone on over the past four months since our last Commercial Newsletter.  I hope that your families and businesses have been safe, healthy, and are starting to see life return to some level of normal.  I would never have imagined that having LESS things to do each day like attending kids sports, going out to dinner, or travelling for business, would actually be MORE difficult than the busy lives that we were previously so accustom to. 
However, less time on airplanes and fewer nights in hotels have allowed my team and me to spend some time working on ways that we can make things easier for our customers and installers.  I’m really excited to share a few of the results:

  • Our engineering team has completely redesigned the locking mechanism for the outer band of our pressure stack and grease duct products.  They’ve eliminated the screws and replaced them with a locking mechanism similar to what is used on some of our special gas vent products. We have ordered new tooling and plan to start production later this year.
  • Customers are now able to supply us with the system drawing of their choice in order for us to include it with the packing materials for each order. That customer-supplied drawing will provide installers with clarity surrounding the system and will avoid future performance issues. Simply send the electronic drawing you want included with the shipment to our Customer Service department when the order is placed.
  • We recently released some new marketing materials that help communicate the advantages of our grease duct and generator exhaust products when compared to traditional field-welded black iron.  Our research is showing that construction sites across North America are opening up faster than the labor force is returning. Our products can help keep these projects moving forward with less reliance on people manning the project site.

Finally, as many of you have heard, the DuraVent / Security Chimneys family lost an incredible team member, Don McInroy earlier this month. Don had been with Security Chimneys for over twenty-nine years and most recently was our Canadian Sales Manager.  A true legend in the venting industry, Don’s incredible knowledge, positive attitude, and humor made him well respected by all.  He will truly be missed.

We look forward to working with you as we return to our normal life schedules and please reach out to our customer service team with any inquiries on our new initiatives.


Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales

DuraVent's New Return Policy
We have recently received some customer questions about DuraVent’s commercial product return policy such as: What criteria must a product meet in order to be eligible for return? What paperwork is needed? How is freight handled? As we begin to get back to "normal" life and projects get back into full swing, we wanted to take this opportunity to clear up some of these common questions so that our customers can hit the ground running!

·Necessary criteria for a product to be eligible for return:

o   Notification of the intent to return an item must take place within sixty days of the product shipping from our factory except for purchases made through our Stocking Program.

o   The product must also be in its original packaging in "reasonable" condition

o   The Product must not be a custom part as indicated by the CSTM lettering in the model number.

o   The total list price of materials that can be returned on any single order cannot exceed 15% of the list price of the entire order without prior management approval.

·If your return items meet these criteria:
o   Fill out the Return Material Authorization form provided with their order.

·Return freight related costs are the responsibility of the customer which can be handled directly with the carrier of choice, or DuraVent can schedule and pay for the freight with the cost being deducted from the credit associated with the return.

· All credits will be posted to a customer’s account within 30 days of the product being received and passed through inspection.

We hope this clears up some of the questions our customers have had on our commercial products return policy and as always please reach out to our customer service team with any questions on this process.

A Better Connection with PolyPro ®
Always innovating, always a step ahead! DuraVent’s new PolyPro locking clamp saves you time and money with its seamless installation and tight lock connection. Our new clamp, which can be used on both new and existing PolyPro installations, is made of 430 stainless steel and comes semi-installed on the female end of every piece of PolyPro pipe and fitting. A single stamped part, the clamp seamlessly incorporates a hose clamp and a series of metal "teeth" that encircle the pipe and hook onto a gasket extrusion (seat) on the female end of the pipe. To make a connection, the installer loosens the hose clamp on the female end of one piece of pipe just enough to slide the male end of another piece of pipe into the pipe until it is firmly engaged within the female end. Using a flathead screwdriver, the installer then hand tightens the hose clamp so that the metal teeth grip the extruded seat on the outside of the female end. Want to see it in action? Check out our PolyPro Locking Clamp YouTube video to see exactly how easy it is to install and tighten the clamp. You can also click below to read more in our whitepaper, "A Better Connection: DuraVent Introduces Best-In-Class Locking Clamp for PolyPro® Vent Pipe."

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NEW DuraVent Grease Duct Video Premier

As an owner of a commercial kitchen or restaurant, it can be tough to decide on the right grease duct for your business. That is why DuraVent is proud to present our newest addition to our video series: DuraVent Prefab Grease Duct: Prefab vs. Site-built! Our new video will take you through the many benefits of DuraVent’s no-weld grease duct such as reduced risks, costs, and time spent on the job. Prefab also reduces inspection delays and resources needed for installation. Head on over to the DuraVent YouTube channel to see for yourself the endless benefits prefab provides!


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