The Residential Vent Newsletter
Issue #12 February, 2022

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I want to thank all of our customers for continuing to support DuraVent / Hart & Cooley. Last year was a big year for DuraVent with record sales and the acquisition of Hart & Cooley. We certainly have seen a lot of changes in 2021 and into 2022. The first two months of sales have continued to be very strong, due to our efforts to catch up on our backlog which is our primary Q1 focus for Hearth products. We are making every effort to reduce our lead times. Raw material shortages still exist but are less drastic than in 2021.

Looking forward, we are preparing for the HPB Expo in Atlanta on March 2nd through the 5th. This is the first time the Hearth Industry has met in person since March of 2020 which was, if you remember, the beginning of the pandemic. Hopefully, this is a sign that COVID and its variants are coming to an end. Please stop by our booth 1207 to see all our new capabilities and meet the DuraVent / Hart and Cooley family. The HPB Expo has always been a good show and it provides great support for our industry. We look forward to seeing you!

I would also like to take this time to welcome two new Regional Managers to the Hearth sales force. Both Andrew Vickers and BJ Point are joining my sales team from Selkirk. They both have deep industry experience and will be a great addition. Andrew Vickers lives in the Toronto area and will be responsible for Eastern Canada and the Northeast USA. BJ Point is located in Dallas, TX and will be handling Hearth for the Midwest and Southeast. They will both be at the HPB Expo, looking forward to meeting customers and answering your questions. The other members of the DuraVent / Hart & Cooley Regional Manager sales force are Dalton Hooker in Western Canada, Phil Canby in the Northwest USA and Dale Menges in the Southwest USA.

2022 is looking to be a strong year for our industry and we are looking forward to bigger and better things. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

Sincerely Yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

The possibilities are endless. With the combined forces of DuraVent / Hart & Cooley, we now offer the industry an unprecedented leap in product innovation, and logistical infrastructure to get those products to you fast. At this year's HPB Expo we are finally all together again after these last two difficult COVID years. After a successful AHR Expo in Las Vegas, the new team is ready to answer your questions and showcase our product offerings. This year we have more product than ever. With our 15 locations across North America, we now have the ability to service customers like never before.We could not be more excited to be at this year's HPB Expo finally in person and showcase our new DirectVent Flex, our DuraFlex welded top plate, and many more innovative products from DuraVent / Hart & Cooley.
Engineer's Corner
We are usually buried deep in our labs or research areas so not much is heard from Engineering. Sometimes you might see us at HPBA or other technical conferences where our products are showcased. In person or not, you the customers however see first hand what we have been tinkering with.  Engineering development is an exciting story and tradition of both DuraVent and their recent acquisition of Hart & Cooley. A development story always starts and finishes with the customer. You might not always see us engineers, but our processes are so ingrained with Product Management, the sales team, and Marketing to deliver you value.  Across DuraVent you have seen your engineering teams bring you a new one inch chimney free of the added hassle of a radiation shield, additional functionality across the retail products in venting. Your friendly engineering teams are hard at work working on and driving innovation. I can’t share all the secrets but just know, the DuraVent Engineering team has a lot of projects in the hopper all focused on driving value to the customer. Whether there is a market need driving development, a simplification idea for an installation, or just something so cutting edge it is revolutionary engineering is hard at week after week.

- Pete Schmitz, Director of Engineering

DuraVent / Hart & Cooley Tech Tips!
Did you know: The joints on DuraVent’s DirectVent Pro ® and PelletVent Pro venting are manufactured to strict tolerances. This results in a tight, professional fit. When parts are painted the fit is even tighter. Twist-locking parts together properly can take effort and getting them apart can sometimes be a real chore. Lubricant will help, but what do you use?
Answer: Everyday dish detergent is cheap and works great! Squirt a small amount into a spray bottle, then mix with tap water. Apply a couple of squirts to male ends just prior to assembly. You will quickly find this makes assembly much easier.
Use non-slip work gloves to get a good grip on vent pipe. When extra torque is required, use a suitable non-marring strap wrench with a rubber/nylon strap. Additional care ought to be taken to protect painted surfaces. Check out more tech tips, Tuesdays, on the DuraVent Twitter and Facebook pages!

Note: This supplemental information is not meant to over-ride the certified installation instructions. Be sure to read instructions closely prior to starting an installation.

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