The Vent Newsletter
Issue #3 June 2019

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                        Summer is Here!
We are halfway through 2019. With a very robust spring buying season behind us, we are looking forward to a strong busy season.  As we go forward, I recommend being aware of fuel costs. As oil and propane prices increase, sales of alternative energy appliances such as pellet stoves also increase. Pellet stoves have had strong sales in the last two years and are continuing to be strong this year. Therefore, having plenty of pellet vent in stock would be a smart decision.  Don’t wait for the season to hit! Wood-burning stoves have an EPA code requirement change coming up in 2020 which will affect current non-compliant inventory. Be aware of wood-burning appliance sales discounts increasing as year-end approaches and make sure you have chimney available for installation. Additionally, gas is particularly strong this year resulting in increased demand for Direct Vent and yes, B-vent.

With the busy season approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight our Customer Service Department and the important role they play at DuraVent/Security Chimneys. I have met with many customers over the years and I consistently receive compliments about our Customer Service Representatives. Whether it is Marie in Vacaville, Linda in Laval, or any one of our other Customer Service Reps, compliments are often given and, of course, always appreciated. The department manager, Grace Dunnett, has managed the department for almost ten years and has built a staff that is thorough and in tune with our customers’ needs. Our Customer Service Department has a vast amount of deep experience: Grace - 20 yrs, Marie - 48 yrs, Linda - 18 yrs, Triston - 15 yrs, Rebecca - 7 yrs, Kristina - 6 yrs, Jami - 5yrs, Allie - 5yrs, Robin - 5 yrs, Dan - 4 yrs, Marina - 4yrs, and Vivian - 2yrs. We are extremely proud of their performance and the support they provide us and our customers. Remember if you are a customer and receive a survey regarding your customer service experience, please make sure you send it back to us. Feedback is important and will help us to continually evolve and provide even better service.

We have made some improvements to our order entry system which has allowed our reps to spend more time to work directly with our customers rather than manually inputting orders.  While this change has many benefits, it has also required some cooperation from our customers and for that we are appreciative.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the second half of 2019 evolves and we, at DuraVent/Security Chimneys, are ready for the busy season to begin!  I hope you and your families have a wonderful summer and are able to enjoy some relaxation so that you too, will be ready for the busy season!

Sincerely yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Do it Yurtself!

Sauve Island is located just 10 miles northwest of Portland and the perfect setting for videographer and blogger, Zach Both's, newest project, Do it Yurtself. Zach's previous project, The Vanual, was a massively popular online guide and blog helping DIYs convert their vans into modern, stylish mobile homes for outdoor enthusiasts. Now, Zach has approached DuraVent to participate in his new DIY project. He is in the process of building and documenting the construction of a yurt in Oregon demonstrating how modern design and environmental sustainability can coexist. Because of Zach's creative abilities, love of the environment, and experience as a leading influencer in the DIY space, DuraVent jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the Do it Yurtself project and donated our DuraVent DVL venting system. DVL's solvent free black paint won't pollute air or water and offers an aesthetic appeal that fits perfectly with Zach's sleek modern style that has made his projects so widely popular. To see more of the benefits of our DVL venting system, click below or follow along with all the progress of the new Do it Yurtself project, on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin!

An Intro to DVL
There are numerous stovepipe products available, and they are all different. Good product knowledge is an absolute requirement from both a safety and sales perspective. In order to educate our customers and representatives in the marketplace, DuraVent has created a new DVL educational presentation that contains everything you need to know about DuraVent's double-wall interior close clearance stovepipe. Our guide will take you through everything from the benefits of DVL, to it's applications, installation, and demonstrating why DVL is the right choice for your wood stove. Educating our customers on product knowledge and safety is our top priority. Click below to see the whole Introduction to DVL presentation and contact DuraVent with any questions at or call us at 800-835-4429.

FasNSeal 80/90
FasNSeal® 80/90 is a unique, patent pending system that exhausts 90+ AFUE condensing appliances with Type B atmospheric units, utilizing the existing vent. Using your preexisting common vent, our cap improves the operation of both the remaining atmospheric appliance, and the new condensing unit, while not disturbing finished space during installation. 80/90 eliminates condensing sidewall building moisture concerns and flue management and superior flow performance with smooth stainless inner wall and no flow de-rate for flex.  It also has a simple installation compatible with DuraVent PolyPro or FasNSeal vent system for a listed and approved appliance connection. Want to learn more? Click below to see how changing to high efficiency venting is easier with FasNSeal 80/90!

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