The Residential Vent Newsletter
Issue #5 Dec 2019

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        The Year is Over but Hearth Season                                     Continues!
I would like to start by thanking all of our customers and employees for their support of DuraVent/ Security Chimneys in 2019.  We have had a strong year and are finishing with a record-setting December.  As in the past couple of years, we are seeing the hearth season expanding into January and February – no longer ending in December!  Contributing to this expansion is the new EPA particulate matter restrictions going into effect May of 2020.  As a result, expect to see many discounts offered by wood stove manufacturers in the first quarter of 2020 which will result in increased demand for accessories such as chimney and stovepipe.

As we head into the new year, we will be making several additions and changes to our current initiatives. For example, we have just launched a new video series on our website and social channels. These videos provide installation guides and tips for each of our product groups which can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Be on the lookout as our video library will be expanding throughout the new year.

Additionally, we will be changing the format of our product catalog. DuraVent will be going from a single all products catalog to a binder with individual product group brochures. This way, our customers can customize the binders to the products they offer and the industry they support. These should be available in late 2020.

DuraVent/Security Chimneys will also be revising the DuraVent store. It is currently closed for remodeling but will reopen in the first half of 2020. Accompanying the newly designed store will be a revised customer/partner participation program and an expanded variety of items for sale.

As 2019 ends we, at DuraVent/Security Chimneys, want to thank all our customers for their unwavering business and support. We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a great and successful new year!

Sincerely yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Introducing DuraVent's New Pass-Through Radiation Shield
It has always been our goal at DuraVent/Security Chimneys to make an installer's life easier. Intuitive products, simple installations, and life-long quality are the reasons we work to innovate our products every day. If you can make an installer's job easier, you can certainly make their life easier too. That is exactly what our new Pass-Through Radiation Shield did for the Chevalier family of Mount Lorne, Yukon. They faced a common installation dilemma; how do you pass insulated chimney up through the penetration in a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, and shallow attic applications; yet ensure the opening around the pipe is adequately fire-stopped, the vapor barrier is intact, and ensure appropriate clearances between the pipe and surrounding combustible materials are maintained?  Too often, not enough thought goes into preventing heat loss and movement of warm air from within the home up into cold, unconditioned space. The result is condensation. Moisture soaking into insulation and surrounding building materials will lead to loss in insulation R-Value, water-staining, mold, and eventually… rot. All things that are costly to repair. Our new shield helps to tackle these problems head-on. It is available now for use with DuraVent’s DuraTech® Canada (DTC) and DuraTech Premium (DTP) chimney products, and Security Chimney’s Secure Temp ASHT and S2100 lines. See the case study below featuring the Chevalier's beautiful, two-story cabin, and why they chose DuraVent/Security Chimney's new Pass-Through Radiation Shield!

DuraVent Teams Up With DoitYurtSelf

When Zack Both, writer, videographer, and DIYer, decided he wanted to build to a new kind of modern, simplistic yurt, he needed a quality venting system that wouldn't stray from the contemporary style he envisioned. Zack's first project was The Vanual, in which he turned an ordinary van into a beautiful, mobile home for himself and girlfriend, Nicole, to live and travel in. After The Vanual's wide success Zack wanted to try his hand at another style of unconventional living, the yurt. After some research, Zack found DuraVent's DVL® and DuraTech® venting systems and reached out to invite us to be a part of his newest project. Now, after almost a year of work, Zack's new project has been featured on Business Insider,, Sunset Magazine, and many other prominent publications. In conjunction, DuraVent has released it's newest case study, reliving how our innovative venting systems were the perfect fit for Zack's ambitious yurt project. Click below to read the whole story and visit to see the stunning culmination of DuraVent's partnership with DoitYurtSelf!   

New PelletVent® and PolyPro® Video Series
Our next set of product videos have arrived on the DuraVent YouTube channel! In this installment, we are highlighting the newest designs of our PelletVent Pro Tee and PolyPro locking clamps! We have taken our PelletVent Pro Tee and added another spring button to allow easier access and removal for cleaning. Our new Polypro locking clamps make connecting new pipe quicker and easier with an even stronger joint connection. All of this is demonstrated by our own Regional Sales Manager, Dale Menges! Click the button below to see all of our product videos and look for our next series answering ALL of your questions on our flat, round, and square support boxes, as well as tips and tricks on installing in vaulted and flats ceilings!

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Detroit, MI 48226
United States

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