The Residential Vent Newsletter
Issue #10 June, 2021

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Welcome Back to Business

We hope all of you are healthy and safe as we strive to get everyone who wants a vaccine vaccinated. COVID-19 will soon be a memory. Well, what a difference a year makes. Last year, at this time, everyone’s doors were literally closed, and business was at a standstill. Today, new construction and remodeling of homes is in hyperdrive. Orders are at record levels, even exceeding the most optimistic forecasts. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the high demand has put a huge strain on raw materials, including everything from wood, steel and aluminum to cardboard and drywall. Suppliers of these commodities are striving to increase their production. However, startup is slow, the cost of these materials is high, and the lead times are long. Orders keep coming in (thank you) and our lead times are longer and costs higher than expected. This is not just a DuraVent problem. The HVAC and Hearth industries are having the same experiences across the board. OEMs can’t make appliances fast enough while distributors are struggling to supply their dealers to satisfy their customers. As they say, " this too shall pass". Everything will get back to normal… someday, in the meantime we cope as best we can. DuraVent and Security Chimney are making every effort to find raw materials and to increase production. We are running two shifts, six days a week in an effort to keep up.

On to more positive topics. An update on our introduction of DirectVent ® Flex. We have been working on this new addition to our line for a couple years now and we are nearing the end. The development of this product has been difficult at times and ended up requiring a new piece of machinery. The machine has been built and is on its way from Europe. The shipping arrangements took more time than anticipated and we expect to see it in our factory by the beginning of June. The first thing we will do is produce samples to show customers and for OEMs to approve. We will have 12 different skus covering 4"x7" and 5"x8" diameters in lengths of 36", 60" and 120". We will have the options of factory twist lock ends or raw ends with hose clamps. All of these should be available by July 1. Remember the use of Concentric DirectVent Flex must have approval from the appliance manufacturer. We will list these approvals online as they come in. Thank you for your patience.

Looking ahead into the second half on the year, our customers have advised that sales continue to look strong, and we should have a full year of business to look forward to. Hopefully, our raw materials issues will get better, and our lead times will shrink. Again, thank you for your business and your support of DuraVent/ Security Chimneys.

Sincerely yours,

Todd Lampey
Vice President – Distribution Sales

Growing the DirectVent ® Pro Family
Versatility and simplicity is the name of the game with DuraVent's new DirectVent Concentric Flex! With the machinery being used to produce DV Concentric Flex on its way from Europe, the newest addition to the DirectVent Pro family will be put into production this June with product on the shelves by July 1st. Concentric Flex can be used as a cost-effective alternative to 45° elbows when offsetting around an obstacle such as a stud, joist, or truss. It allows you to put the vent exactly where you need it. This speeds up installation, and can also help to minimize the number of joints between pipe sections. Aside from a modest savings on parts, you will also save on installation time. Remember the use of DirectVent Concentric Flex must have approval from the appliance manufacturer. Click below to see more of our newest addition to the DuraVent family and all the benefits it offers!
Bad Builds Require Smart Fixes
Thomas Edison was asked what is was like to fail so many times before commercializing the lightbulb. His response? "I have not failed 1,000 times.  I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb." That could be the inspiration behind our Bad Build series, or it could be that they are just entertaining. Either way, our series of Bad Build social media posts have become a fan favorite across our social media channels. Whether a homeowner is using rain gutter to vent their pellet stove or their Chevy’s hubcap as a chimney cap, there is something for everyone to laugh at and learn from! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see all the hilarious Bad Build Fridays and submit your own to or message us on any one our channels to be featured!
DuraVent Tech Tips!
Did you know: The joints on DuraVent’s DirectVent Pro ® and PelletVent Pro venting are manufactured to strict tolerances. This results in a tight, professional fit. When parts are painted the fit is even tighter. Twist-locking parts together properly can take effort and getting them apart can sometimes be a real chore. Lubricant will help, but what do you use?
Answer: Everyday dish detergent is cheap and works great! Squirt a small amount into a spray bottle, then mix with tap water. Apply a couple of squirts to male ends just prior to assembly. You will quickly find this makes assembly much easier.
Use non-slip work gloves to get a good grip on vent pipe. When extra torque is required, use a suitable non-marring strap wrench with a rubber/nylon strap. Additional care ought to be taken to protect painted surfaces. Check out more tech tips, Tuesdays, on the DuraVent Twitter and Facebook pages!

Note: This supplemental information is not meant to over-ride the certified installation instructions. Be sure to read instructions closely prior to starting an installation.

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