How Pre-fabricated Grease Duct Keeps Restaurant Construction on Fast Track
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The Vent Newsletter
Issue #6 September 2018
DuraVent | Security Chimneys
Back to School, Burgers, and the Busy Season
Hello !

With summer winding down, and kids heading back to school, for many of us, our favorite season of the year has arrived: football season. If you live in the South like I do, football season means serious tailgating. If you find yourself in towns like Gainesville, Tuscaloosa, or Baton Rouge on a Saturday, you are sure to experience some of the finest parking lot barbequing in the world. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to be enjoying a cheeseburger before the big game, you can still head out to a place like the one featured in this month’s case study. Click on the link below to find out how our factory built grease duct saved Basic Burger money, reduced their installation time, and gave them a solution that they plan to repeat at locations across the country.

The months of September and October are the busiest of the year for those of us in the venting industry. Our team is dedicated to doing whatever we can to make you and your customers as successful as possible.

Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales

Recipe for Success: How Pre-fabricated Grease Duct Keeps Restaurant Construction on Fast Track
Why should you use Pre-fabricated Grease Ducts in your restaurant? The proof is as basic as Basic Burger

As we wrap up the summer and fit in final trips to our favorite dining establishments, we often indulge in classic meals such as hamburgers, chicken breasts and hot dogs. Preparation of these popular dishes generates an abundance of grease laden vapors which must be quickly and safely exhausted to the outside. This exhaust, while creating scents that increase our dining anticipation, also makes grease duct one of the most vital mechanical components in a commercial kitchen. Consistently first to market with new innovations, DuraVent is committed to providing safe and technologically advanced venting. Learn how in our new Basic Burger case study.

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Social Spotlight: Digital Thought Leaders in-Venting
DuraVent and Security Chimneys’ goal is to become the leading voice of influence in the digital space and support the cutting-edge venting products we bring to the marketplace. That’s why our marketing and communications team has launched an aggressive social media campaign with educational, historical, and humorous content across our social media platforms. From our employee spotlight posts, convention highlights, and venting and HVAC tips, we are always posting new and interesting content. With a 73% increase in reach, a 65% increase in audience engagement, and new followers every day, our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms have something for everyone. Come check out all the great content DuraVent is sharing and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Joe Dahlheimer demonstration
DuraVent at the 2018 NASFM Annual Conference
DuraVent attended the 2018 National Association of State Fire Marshalls Annual Conference in Salt Lake City earlier this month. Here, commercial sales manager Joe Dahlheimer demonstrates how the centering sleeve greatly eases installation. Ease of installation and quality manufacturing mean no leaks... a necessary and vital improvement over the leaks encountered when site-built duct is installed.

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