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Issue #4 June 2018
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The summer months are here
Happy summer, ! I hope you can step away from work and take some time for yourself and your family. For my kids and me, we look forward to our summer trips to exciting destinations each year. In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking on the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona.

During our travels, I’m reminded we live in a constantly changing world. Just earlier this month, we were able to turn on our televisions and see shots of our President shaking hands with the leader of North Korea, something that seemed impossible just months ago. More locally, political change is directly impacting the venting industry. Over the past several months, political uncertainty has caused the price of both domestic and internationally produced steel to rise dramatically. Some state lawmakers are discussing whether traditional venting materials such as PVC are safe and whether they should continue to be allowed.

This month, The Vent focuses on a solution that isn’t impacted by steel prices and is seen by many as the likely solution to the PVC challenge: polypropylene. Polypropylene venting has been used in Europe since the start of the century and is gaining traction here in North America. As you’ll see in the information provided below, our PolyPro products are easy to install since they don’t require messy solvents or glue, can sustain much higher temperatures than PVC or CPVC, and have a full range of available components that make it an attractive alternative for almost all residential and light commercial applications.

I encourage you to reach out to any member of our team to learn more about PolyPro and how it can be a cost effective, environmentally safe solution to your customer’s needs.

Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales

PolyPro Product Family
Why should you sell PolyPro?
The many advantages

The DuraVent PolyPro® polypropylene venting system is specially engineered for use with category II & IV condensing gas appliances and heating equipment, including tankless water heaters, high-efficiency water heaters, condensing boilers, and warm air furnaces. PolyPro terminations are lab-tested to handle harsh weather and remain ice free in freezing temperatures, and polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit than other venting products.

Tech Tips: PolyPro versus PVC

Save time. Save money. Deliver a safe, reliable product. Ideal for high efficiency gas furnaces, condensing boilers, and instantaneous hot water heaters, our PolyPro venting products’ walls expand and contract with weather and temperature changes so there is no flexing or cracking in the venting. PolyPro installations require half the number of joints as a PVC system, reducing overall project and associated labor costs, and install time by up to 70 percent.

Product Spotlight: Concentric Venting System
In March, we expanded the PolyPro line with the addition of our concentric venting system. The PolyPro Concentric double-wall pipe provides users the most versatile polypropylene venting system for high efficiency, condensing appliances. The injection-molded modular system is designed with a powder-coated aluminum outer pipe and a polypropylene inner pipe, does not require a locking band, and consists of a limited number of components, providing users with a fast, safe, clean, and sustainable venting solution.
Tested, Listed, and OEM Approved

A listed, engineered venting system designed for use with high efficiency furnaces, condensing boilers, and tankless water heaters, DuraVent’s PolyPro is also used and approved by a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Check out the full list of boiler, water heater, and furnace manufacturers that also trust the reliability of PolyPro.


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