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Issue #3 May 2018
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"This is as well sealed a system as one could fabricate and is the tightest duct system that I have tested in my five years of duct testing." –Restaurant Kitchen Inspector
Reduce Fire Risks with Factory-Built
Grease Duct Products
It’s May, which means it is National Electrical Safety Month. According to the United States Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions were the No. 4 cause of fires in commercial buildings over the past 10 years. Any guess what was No. 1? Kitchen fires, even though many commercial buildings don’t even have a kitchen! Most of these fires can be tied back to faulty or dirty kitchen exhaust systems.

We believe that our factory-built grease duct products significantly reduce the risk of fires and can save lives. In February, I had the opportunity to visit an installation of our zero-clearance grease duct at a new restaurant. The inspector was so impressed with our system that he sent a letter to the local building department where he claimed that “this is as well-sealed a system as one could fabricate and is the tightest duct system that I have tested in my five years of duct testing.” That’s quite a statement!

As an organization, we are even going further to make buildings safer by working with code officials and national organizations such as the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA). Our own Joe Dahlheimer has taken a leadership position within IKECA and just returned from its annual conference in San Diego where factory-built grease duct has become a preference because of its ability to be water tested using high-pressure spin jets, something that the historically-used field fabricated rectangular duct struggles with.

We can only do so much on our own to create awareness and spread the word of the advantages of factory-built grease duct. We need your help! In the links below, you will find several marketing pieces, white papers, and other tools that you can use to help make the argument with your customers that factory-built grease duct will not only save money on the project but has the potential to save lives. If you have any ideas for other pieces, let us know.

As always, please let my team or me know how we can better support you to make 2018 your best year yet.

Scott Smith headshot
Scott K. Smith
Vice President – Commercial Sales
Tech Tip: Leak Testing Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Leaking exhaust systems in commercial kitchens are a precursor to a broad set of problems for owners, ranging from varying degrees of property damage to far more devastating consequences that include fire, loss of property, loss of life and all manner of litigation. Water testing, which involves commonly administered power washing procedures, is an owner’s best bet for avoiding the many consequences of leaking grease ducts.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct: What Contractors Need to Know
Kitchen Exhaust Duct:
What Contractors Need to Know
Our factory-built grease duct provides contractors with benefits that make them more profitable. These benefits lower costs, reduce risks, and save time. They also provide contractors with more to sell to their clients while reducing conflicts with AHJs, code officials, and engineers. Find out what contractors need to know to choose factory-built, prefab grease duct products.
International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association
DuraVent and Security Chimneys at the IKECA 2018 Annual Meeting
We recently spent several days with International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA) members at its annual conference participating in committees and sharing our knowledge of the grease duct market. Being in front of large groups such as IKECA allows us to present our message and hear our customers’ problems. Together, we’re designing and building safer and more reliable kitchen exhaust systems.
See Our Grease Duct Products at NASFM 2018

The National Association of State Fire Marshals will once again share comprehensive fire prevention programs designed to provide new ideas and best practice examples for all attendees during its annual convention. While at the show, learn how our factory-built grease duct products reduce safety risks in commercial kitchens.

Order and Shipment Reminders
2018 Commercial
Stocking Program
The last day to submit orders under the 2018 Commercial Stocking Program is May 31, 2018. Many reps have taken advantage of the low multipliers and payment term options to put product on their shelves so that they can better serve customers.
Five Day Rush
Shipment Program
Five-day rush shipments are available on a case-by-case basis. If you need product quicker than available with standard lead times, please send the BOM to our Customer Service team. Our plant employees will do their best to meet your needs based on our loading at the time, available stock, and requested parts. Our Customer Service team will respond with our best possible lead time along with any additional, associated costs.

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